Warranty & Maintenance

Watch & Jewelry Maintenance

1. For warranty service at Customers Service Center, please present the duly completed warranty certificate and the original receipt of purchase. If the warranty is applied to the problem of your watch, the product will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of the Service Center. Repairs will be free of charge if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use.

2. Warranty is only for the movement, dials or manufacturing defect. This warranty is void if the watch has been damaged by accident, improper and rough treatment, negligence, normal wear and tear, water damage, unless marked as water-resistant, or other factors not due to defects in material or workmanship.

3. Warranty does not cover Lens, Case, Strap, and Bracelet that is damaged or worn.

4. Warranty does not cover unauthorized repair and/or modification.


Watch Maintenance
1. Do not use any liquids to clean it or it may suffer some damage.

2. Use a dry soft cloth to wipe it down, paying close attention to every nook and cranny to ensure no dirt is left behind.

3. Do not clean the leather bands with water, but rather with specialized leather cleaner.


Jewelry Maintenance
1. Wash with silver water or rub with silver cloth.

2. Wipe with toothpaste with a soft brush and dry with cotton cloth after washing.

3. It is not recommended to bring the jewellery immediately after applying the moisturizer or perfume, as the chemicals of the body cream and perfume will also affect the jewellery blackening.

4. It is not recommended to place it under strong light for a long period of time. Jewelry will change color due to strong light.

5. It is not recommended to soak in hot water (such as hot springs).