About Us

“Love cannot dwell with suspicion” Cupid said.

The beauty of our design spreads Cupid’s Love with no distinction.

By the inspiration of Cupid, we place our Love in the jewelry to get your trust. Cupid Memory which mainly sells 925 sliver with pearl or diamond Cubic Zirconia, each Cupid jewelry unit will follow with an own Certification.

Actually, Cupid Memory is not only a Jewelry brand, but a Brand of Love. We spread our love to the World though our design.


2016, Cupid Watch was launched. Anticipating consumer demand for superior quality, fashionable look and presentation at affordable prices.Cupid Memory Watch allows users to install love letters, videos, greeting cards and postcards on the watches, creating surprises for their beloved ones.
The wearer of the watch can recall this loving memory anytime by tapping his or her phone on the Cupid Memory Watch!


Deep down in everyone’s heart, there is a dream world, longing for a fantasized journey, travelling through whimsical fairy tales. Although it has become blurry through time, the dream has always been there. Cupid in Wonderland, awakens the dream world and the love that are buried deep down in one’s memory.

This is the dreamy wonderland in Cupid’s Memory, full of whimsies and fantasies, every breath is filled with love. Here you are, have you found your own wonderland?